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Thursday, 27 January 2011 15:08

Founded in 1986 in Manhattan, Kansas, Fox Business Systems has grown to be the computing solutions provider for many individuals, businesses, and government institutions all over Kansas.  In that time, we have gained the knowledge, the staff, and the hands-on experience that it will take to be a success well into the future.

We feel the sentiment still holds true, "Do one thing, and do it well."  A few years after establishing our operations, the "buzz" started about the internet.  Instead of compromising our existing resources to move horizontally, we felt we should begin a new division to meet this expanding void for Internet services.  Soon after, KansasNet Internet Services was born.

While these divisions remain separate today, it is their synergy that gives us our greatest strength as a company.  Being able to provide turn-key computing and internet solutions under one roof has given our customers a major incentive to bring their business to us, and our quality products and services keep them coming back.  If you have ever spent hours (or maybe days) fighting two or more finger-pointing companies to get a solution to a problem, then you understand the value of having one company that can meet all of your needs.

By outsourcing your computing and internet needs to Fox Business Systems and KansasNet, you are free to focus your resources on your customers, your market, and your competitive distinctions.

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