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Networks provide the ability for your computers to communicate and share information.  Fox Business Systems can supply the parts, the services, and best of all, the know-how to implement a Local Area Network (LAN) for your home or business.

Having a LAN can give you the features of file & print sharing and internet connection sharing.  An added server can reduce the workload of your personal PCs and provide a central location for shared files.

If your network needs become more advanced, we are able to provide more complex services.  As you business grows, you will find yourself amidst more computers than before.  Designing a network that incorporates a larger number of computers takes more time for design and planning, in order to ensure an efficiency.  Of course, installation of a large number of computers is also more time consuming. A network designed properly the first-time means lower maintenance costs in the future.  For more information on our more complex service offerings, visit our services for large networks.

Our certified technicians can run the cables, attach & configure all the devices, implement software packages, and anything else you may need.

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