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You already have an established network for your business or other needs, but need more features such as workgroups, additional accessibility of files and programs, access by external users, monitoring & backup, or other large scale functionality?

Safely Share Your Network With Users Anywhere in the World.
Fox can establish virtual private networks (VPNs), and other secure IP-based communications, allowing for new features and user access to your network from outside your LAN.

Communication is the Key to Success
Fox can provide the communication solutions for a growing business.

By utilizing VoIP devices and services, you can greatly reduce your phone expenses by using the internet to make voice calls.

By implementing software solutions, you can use your network to receive and deliver on-screen instant messages, video-conference with your co-workers, share faxes, the list goes on-and-on...

Dump Your "Workstations"
Fox has implemented great solutions for Terminal Servers.  Terminal Servers make your workstation a virtual client on the network server.  In this architecture, upgrades can be done inexpensively on one central unit (the server) instead of upgrading the hardware on each workstation, and your preferences stay the same from workstation to workstation by simply logging in.

Turn-Key Solutions
Fox can provide a complete network installation which may include servers, workstations, security, network-backup, and other equipment. This will ensure an easy-to-use network which seamlessly meets your processing needs. A well-designed, well-installed network significantly reduces the ongoing administration and maintenance costs.

We can also provide additional network services, including (but not limited to)  network monitoring, remote diagnostics, traffic & utilization reports, remote backup, and more.

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