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Fox Business Systems custom designs each network after understanding your business objectives, currently installed equipment and you capital budget. Our quality design and installation is the key to having a productive and efficient network.

Plan for Tomorrow
As your needs grow, Fox's services can grow with you.  We will design your network with your future expansions already in mind.  Networks designed by Fox are built to today's standards, but with the adaptability to employ tomorrow's technologies whenever possible.

Wireless Networking
Need to move around your workspace with a notebook, or a hard-wired network is not an option?  Fox provides full support for Wireless LAN standards.  With a central access point, and a wireless NIC in each machine, you are able to loose the wire and connect your workstations or notebooks to your LAN without being tied down.   Already have a "wired" network? No problem, we can add wireless networking standards along side your existing wired network.

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