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Specializing in Premio servers, but, with access to all major manufacturers, Fox Business Systems can design and build the right server for your business or individual needs.

Using specialized software? We can work directly with the software provider to ensure that your server can meet all the needs of your current software packages.

We can custom design and configure new servers, or upgrade your existing server to meet new needs and increase performance.

Need operator training for your server? We can provide training at all levels.  Need a system administrator?  We can provide one for you.

Bottom line, we know the standards, we know the applications, and we know how to make them work for you and your business.

Need an affordable server that can be accessed quickly from all over the world? Ask about our co-location service. We can provide and maintain the server and co-locate it on our top-notch backbone connection to the Internet.  We can provide off-site backups of data, support for all web-based services, and give your business a hands-free, turn-key server solution with a great placement for easy access World-Wide via the Internet.

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